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Contemplating One








Wind embracing fire, dancing with shadow

Burning wood celebrating reunion

Here meeting dream of real life

Familiar dialogues, similar situations

For sharing always available moments

While no one can keep or take it away

Sunlight touching leaf, dewdrop falling

Flower blooming harmoniously, sounds of insect and bird

Plant fiber nourishing animal blood

Passing through different bodies

Following rules of eating and procreating

On the path of revolution, life seems going somewhere

Merging and appearing as different species

Spinning chains of links swinging around

Under gaze of pure absolute

Buzzing illumined point

Breaking out the moment between breath and heartbeat

Burst into full body of radiant bliss

Where only the energy flows…

Evaporating clouds being drawn in with a yawn,

released out by a sneeze

Circulating flow over the earth without separation

Blue ocean and yellow desert the same all one cloth

Day and night the same one room

Feeling moving force of the stars

Experiencing being it, no beginning or end,

no past or future



凰卉霓  2004/08  

一道彩虹環 A Rainbow Ring

隨它去 Go With It