Born in Taiwan, my younger brother and I were raised by my mother, since my father had immigrated to the United States when I was two years old. I completed public school education through high school, and entered the Film School of the Mass Media Communication Department at the World College of Journalism in Taipei. I then immigrated to the United States in 1995 based on my father's citizenship. Upon arrival, I enrolled in the Community College of Northern Virginia and polished up my English skills, and then moved to New York City the following year, where I worked as a part-time waitress and lived alone for the first time.

I returned to Taiwan in 1999 and worked as an international affairs coordinator, responsible for purchasing and broadcasting television programs and live events for a cable and satellite TV company in Taipei. In 2001, I started translating various materials between English and Chinese, including student theses, company brochures, business correspondences, media publicity materials, TV programs and documentaries.

In 2003, one month after quitting my job, I met my partner, anthropologist Chris Anderson, PhD, and embarked on a life-changing journey conducting ethnographic and historical research on betel nut chewing in Taiwan and Hainan islands. We traveled to India for ten months in 2007 as ambassadors of goodwill sponsored by the Rotary Club, researching rural tourism and Hindu pilgrimage, which was such an epic and transcendental experience that it has led us on to further researches on temporary intentional communities.

As my freelance career began flourishing, I completed and published my first series of English language learning books, was commissioned to contribute articles to magazines, provided foreign research teams with local logistics, instantaneous interpretation and cultural advisement relating to Taiwan and Chinese speaking regions, and further worked with my husband to provide high quality language services for translation agents and clients, media production companies, non-profit organizations, educational activities, international conference/event/festival organizers, community builders, and permaculture designers around the world.

Stemming from my lifelong pursuits in spiritual development and sustainable living, I am currently involved in study, practice and projects on yoga, poi fire-dancing, healthy diet, shamanism, pilgrimage, eco-cultural tourism, nomadic lifestyles, herbal-medicine, aromatherapy, organic farming, tiny and mobile homes, low-impact living, and temporary and permanent intentional communities. 

I am fortunate to have the opportunities to observe various linguistic, religious and folk expressions from a wide spectrum of social and cultural contexts, and cultivate my own artistic and spiritual pursuits. Having worked on projects at home and from wherever we traveled over the past decade, now I feel more comfortable as my life ideals and reality have been increasingly interwoven, as I transform and blossominto living my dream.

Curriculum Vitae

Writer, Translator, Editor and Proofreader. Self-employed, 2004 – present. Freelance, working on various types and styles of documents between Traditional/Simplified Chinese and English, including English to Chinese translation of an animation textbook introducing different animation techniques and complete guidelines for producing animation artwork. Another publication I translated from Chinese to English was about medical tourism, and other works such as subtitling for independent films, movies, TV series and documentaries, texts of surveys and questionnaires, mail correspondences, instruction manuals, contracts, legal documents, press releases and marketing materials, poetry, literature, tourist, home décor and gardening tips, designers' portfolios, and countless student thesis, abstracts and artists' biographies.

Researcher. Rotary International, January - October 2007.
Research the contemporary Indian cultures, religions, gender relations, social castes, economics, tourist development and environmental issues. Observing, participating, photographing, and video recording everyday interactions between locals and tourists in pilgrimages, festivals and temple activities to foster mutual understanding across cultural, ethnic, religious, social-economic and political boundaries.

Research Assistant. Cultural Adviser & Interpreter. Digital Home Hand-held Device Research Project in Taiwan. Intel Corporation. February to March 2006.
Understanding cultural and gender specific relations among hand-held mobile device users in domestic/pubic social spaces. Recruit participants, coordinate ethnographic interviews, arrange logistics, provide instantaneous interpretation, contribute research data on Chinese cosmology, spirituality, weddings, funerals and market commerce.

Telephonic Interpreter & Cultural Adviser. United Health Care Advisory Conference Project. Language Services Associates, USA. February 2006.
Informing Western medical specialists on traditional Chinese cosmology, customs, family values, preferred communication styles and diets for Chinese patients with terminal diseases, to enable better quality health care for Chinese immigrants in the U.S.

Research Assistant & Photographer. Assisting Christian Anderson, Ph. D. Candidate, Anthropology, University of Southern California on "Betel Nut Chewing Culture: The Social and Symbolic Life of an Indigenous Commodity in Taiwan and Hainan." June 2003 - September 2006.
Conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Taiwan (June - August 2003, June 2004 - May 2005), Hainan (September 2003 - February 2004), and surrounding islands including Penghu and Orchid Island of Taiwan, and West Island of Hainan. Managing logistics, transportation and accommodations prior to and during fieldwork trips. Conducting interviews and providing on-site instantaneous oral interpretation between Chinese and English. Researching and collecting relevant sources of historical documents and news articles in Chinese, and translating them into English. Assisting in video, audio and photographic productions. Transcribing and translating interview segments. Organizing and composing research video, audio and photographic data for multimedia presentation.

Writer. Re-writing the classical American novel, Little Women. Cosmo Publishing Company, Taipei, Taiwan. March 2006 - March 2007.

Writer. Intermediate Vocabulary and Exercises for GEPT (around 100,000 words). Cosmo Publishing Company, Taipei, Taiwan. March 2005 - March 2006.
Systematically categorize 2,680 intermediate English vocabulary words into 179 groups, creating sample sentences for each word, including its various usages, and designing exercises for ten chapters. The book aims to help Chinese ESL (English as Second Language) students build up their vocabulary by associating different words with related concepts.

Translator. Oral Chinese to written English subtitles for television series and documentaries.
◎Tan Sierra Pictures, Inc., Los Angeles, California. Transcribe and translate Chinese content of the Chinese basketball player Yao Ming
Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices - The Retail Project Inc., Los Angeles, California. Transcribe and translate interviews shot in Shenzhen, China from Chinese to written English. June 2005.
◎BMG Records, Taiwan. Oral English to written Chinese subtitles for television program, Avril Lavigne Tour: Behind the Scenes, March 2005.

Translator. GQ Magazine, Taiwan. English to Chinese translation of travel articles:
◎ “In the Pink, Mexico City: A Traveler's File,” GQ Taiwan, September 2005.
◎ “Ferrari: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Super Car Valley,” GQ Taiwan, Sept 2005.
◎ “The Colour of Money, Moscow: A Traveler's File,” GQ Taiwan, Aug 2005.
◎ “Think Globally, Drink Locally: A Travel Guide to Local Bars in London, Chicago, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong.” GQ Taiwan, May 2005.
◎ “Hong Kong Foodie: A Travel Guide to Great Restaurants, Pubs and Nightclubs in Hong Kong.” GQ Taiwan, March 2005.

Writer. “Freelance Entrepreneurs in Taipei” (approximately 15,000 words total), Netz Publishing, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan. May 2005.
This project began with front-end research, followed by interviews with ten successful freelance entrepreneurs living in Taipei, and with three regional freelance job agents. Selected freelancers of different fields, from a television commercial director to a fashion designer, share their experiences and know-how on how to start a prosperous self-employed career from a small home office. The article includes an in-depth analysis of the current trends in out-sourcing and self-employment, and provides practical examples of starting various self- employed careers in Taiwan and beyond.

Writer & Photographer. “Special Report: How to Start Your Own Small Business in Taipei” (10,000 words). Netz Publishing, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan. March 2005.
Based on front-end research and interviews with eight entrepreneurs in Taipei, the article analyzes different business models for beginners to open their own businesses based on translating their own skills into providing a needed product or service, including successful stories from a make-up artist who opened a beauty salon, and a painter who sells his painted rocks on the streets of Taipei.

Translator. English to Chinese, The Watercolor Artist's Bible (approximately 40,000 words total). Visual Communication Publishing Company, Taipei, Taiwan. January - March 2005.

Writer. English Learning Textbook Series (approximately 25,000 words total), Soho Publishing, Taipei, Taiwan. September - December 2004.
Contribute 30 useful sentence structures with ten samples sentences for each structure, and ten reading comprehension passages with exercises.

Translator. Translating from English to Chinese, subtitles for television series and documentary interviews (approximately 120 broadcasting hours), interviews, academic papers, business letters, proposals and brochures. Taipei, Taiwan. Jan. 2001 - May 2003.

Associate Manager. Programming Acquisition for Satellite TV. Era Digital Media, Taipei, Taiwan. September 2002 - May 2003.
Promoted from International Affairs Coordinator position. Managing satellite and digital channel acquisition, selection and packaging of channel programming. Formulating new services for video on demand and interactive content.

International Affairs Coordinator. Era Communications Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan. June 2000 - September 2002.
Program acquisition, negotiation of purchasing and selling broadcasting rights on cable, terrestrial, and satellite television. Manage program translation, subtitling, publicity and satellite coordination for live events including the Oscars, Grammy Awards, and FIFA World Cup.

Scheduling Producer. Xin Dong Bao Cable TV Channel, Taipei, Taiwan. January - June 2000.

Intern/Assistant. International Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan. 1993-1996.

Host. YMCA Asia Pacific Language Exchange Program. Homestead host for Canadian language exchange students in Taipei. 1990-1991.


ESL Program, Community College of Northern Virginia, USA. 1996-1997.

Film School, Mass Media Communication Department. World College of Journalism & Communication (Shih Hsin University), Taipei, Taiwan, 1993-1996.