The establishment of website omnivoyage.org/com is so far a personal creative process. I use it to to organize everything I feel gravitated towards to accomplish under the main theme of travel, and when the family farm project came onto the plate, it became a main focus that needs immediate attention and major investment, so the project evolved into a family-farm based travel website. The income projected in this business plan for the next 7 years is mainly family farm related, such as the sales of farm produce made at local farmer's markets and from our online store. The website is more of a community service, not for profit, but the farm is, and it supports the website that serves not only travelers around the world, but all people who appreciate sustainable ideas, artistic experiences, organically grown produce,  and quality goods that travel.

And I hope to make this website grow and flourish organically, as well as our garden

架設本站(omnivoyage.org/com)是個人創作歷程,我以旅行為主題整合一切所感興趣的人事物。因成家立業而生根的農場企劃,成為需要大量資助 的焦點後,逐漸演變成以家庭農場為基地發展的旅遊網站。本企劃列出未來七年收入來源以家庭農場為主,為當地市集與網路商店農畜產品販售所得。網站性 質為非營利的社區服務,但農場則以營利為目的,其收入用來建立與維護本站,以服務世界各地的旅人及眾生,傳播永續發展理念及藝術體驗,並為有機農產品及優 質物品的愛用者經營通路。

This website was born as a personal development tool. Now is time to bring individual efforts into collective productivity as it transforms into a platform for multi-cultural collaboration, a garden of creativity and artisitc expression, a laboratory of social-evolution, and a map to Utopia.


*Language: English / Chinese Writing and Translation

*Cultural Anthropology: Austronesian Study, Betelnut Culture in Taiwan and Southeast Asia

*Temporary and Permanent Intentional Community: Festivals, Gatherings and Eco-villages

*Permacultural Design and Natural Homes



*Family Farm Project in Northern California

*Vintage Boutique and Cafe in Southeast Taiwan

*Music & Dance


Winnie and kids