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We are a family of four; my husband and I have been living in Nevada County, California during the summer and fall for over 5 years, and now with our two young children are currently house-sitting in the area. My husband has a Ph.D in anthropology and we work on publishing and educational projects in writing, translating, editing, and tutoring online, while parenting at home. We are seeking a beautiful location in the forest to build our home, and set up an organic garden to grow veggies, raise birds and alpaca. We need good well water and electricity, and prefer solar power. Internet is a must, and we will hook up our own stable and speedy connection.

We don't necessarily need a house to live in since we are comfortable living in our RV with full hook-ups, along with a 10x10 shade structure/mosquito net, and no-discharge natural compost toilet. We also treat gray water for irrigation of bug-repellant plants. Indoor space for art projects, such as a garage, workshop, barn, or tool shack would be ideal. We are open to all possibilities, including light work-trade, house-sitting, rental, rent to own, or owner financing purchase with some down. Please
contact us (omnivoyage@gmail.com) if you have or know of anything suitable for us.

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Five years ago, we came to Northern California to help out on an organic farm; since then, we have returned every summer and fall to cultivate and enjoy the abundance nurtured by the vibrant sunshine, flowing waters and green forests. Gold was and still is found in the rivers... (read more)

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